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FEATURES Intense medium fruity oil. you can clearly smell and taste a bit of green tomato which is a characteristic of this oil, the taste is fine and elegant, a little bitter and spicy but well balanced. PAIRINGS Ideal for seasoning fish, salads, soups. THE OLIVES This oil is made with Zaituna, Tonda Iblea and …

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FEATURES Extra virgin olive oil with a medium-fruity organic monocultivar obtained from the Zaituna olive tree called Siracusana. Medium fruity flavor oil. You can smell the herbal scents, and taste artichoke and almond with the latter being a characteristic of this variety of olives. Bitter and spicy are always present in a balanced way. PAIRINGS …

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FEATURES Olive oil flavored condiment with citrus fruits Organic, which contains all the flavors of Sicily, the scent of olive oil, the flavors of lemon and oranges.   PAIRINGS Great for condiments, mainly for raw fish or salads COMPOSITION An oil composed mainly of olive “Zaitun” with the addition of typical Siracusa lemons “Femminello di …

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