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Extra virgin olive oil with a medium-fruity organic monocultivar obtained from the Zaituna olive tree called Siracusana.
Medium fruity flavor oil. You can smell the herbal scents, and taste artichoke and almond with the latter being a characteristic of this variety of olives. Bitter and spicy are always present in a balanced way.


Ideal for Bruschette, Grilled Meat and Spice Legumes.


Olive Zeituna also known as Siracusana, the only olive that makes up this type of oil, is born from the typical olive of the area of Siracusa and can be found around the coast up to 400 meters above sea level.
It is thought that it is the cultivar that started the olive harvest in Sicily.
Due to the tree being majestic it is very difficult to pick olives with machinery therefore they are collect entirely manually.


  • Bottles: 0.100 – 0.25 – 0.50 – 0.75 liters, this type of packaging can contain 6 or 12 bottles per box
  • Cans: 1 – 2 – 3 – 5 liters, this type of packaging can contain:
    14 1 liter cans per box
    8 2 liter cans per box
    4 3 liter cans per box
    4 5 liter cans per box
  • Home delivery in 48 hours in Italy, foreign shipping time varies according to the target state.
  • If you would like to order our product simply go to the order section and proceed with the order, you will be sent a quote based on the request, payments can be made by cash (on delivery) (contrassegno) without any expense or by bank transfer.


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