In the uncontaminated nature of the Iblei Mountains, the farm has 1300 of ancient Sicilian olive trees, which provides extra virgin olive oil of quality,

The Mozzicato Farm with its 100 hectares of land around Canicattini Bagni and Noto, immersed in the Iblei Mountains in unspoilt nature, it is famous for its is very articulate and varied Biological production, it dedicates its activity not only to the cultivation of olive trees, there are over 3000 trees of various ages ( Ogliarola, Biancolilla, Tonda Iblea and Zaituna (from Al Zaitun, “Oliva”) called Siracusana, but it also cultivates Mandorlo (Pizzuta di Avola), Carrube , Walnuts and Citrus fruits (oranges of Sicily and the Femminello di Siracusa), in addition it is a livestock company with breeding of bovine animals and the production of grain and fodder.

The company has been following the Organic Cultivation System for 20 years, according to Regulation (EC) 834/2007 compliance with this standard is certified by an authoritative third party, BIOS S.r.l.

In order to obtain good oil, different methods are used, chemical products are not used and all processing steps are followed thoroughly. Harvesting is carried out strictly by hand as the olive is very delicate fruit, in order to avoid damage before pressing them.. These operations have been done in the same way for centuries, handed down from father to son. The strengths are the extraction based on the variety and the degree of aging of the olives, always succeeding in obtaining intense and balanced fruity oils. Olives are processed in the farm mill within 6 hours after they are picked. All machining operations are performed with careful attention.

In addition, our Oil follows the Extra Virgin Olive Oil Recyclability and is part of the UNAPROL project funded by the European Community and Italy – Reg, (EC) 867/2008.